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Sachin Sharma – VISION: To Leverage 168 Billion Hours everyday

Sachin Sharma

VISION: To Leverage 168 Billion Hours everyday


My Philosophy

7 Billion people on this planet. Why would you just leverage your 24 hours only?
When you can leverage 168 Billion Hours everyday!

Time is the ONLY resource that is non-reversible, non-recoverable and non-replenish-able... Yet

We all have 24 hours per day to achieve our goals.
Many people spend this resource very carefully by managing their time efficiently.
This is an important skill to master.

If you get good at leveraging more from your time, then you can improve your life
But if you get good at leveraging other people's time, then you can flourish your life.

Entrepreneurship is the ultimate way to Leverage Other People's Time
And that's why, Entrepreneurship Development is My Mission

My Mission

Andrew Carnegie Quote

Unemployment is rising...
Every year, many smart and intelligent people complete their studies and join the queue for job
They can easily become Job Creators but only few choose that path!

We don't need more Job Seekers
We need more Job Creators.

It is my belief that a Successful Business is the ultimate contribution a person can make to the society.
A Sustainable and Profitable Business is vehicle for so many to fulfill their dreams, and not just the entrepreneur who started it.
And that's the reason I want to do my bit to make more and more businesses to sustain, grow and flourish.

My Role Model is Bhagawad Gita.
From my role model, I've learned that a True Entrepreneur is a Dravya Yogi - One who accumulates wealth and resources to use for the betterment of the world.

This thought process was confirmed by my other Role Model - Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie Quote

Andrew Carnegie's life purpose was to spend first half of his life to accumulate wealth and spend the second half giving it all away. He was the first Billionaire this world has seen. It is said that when he died, he only had $30,000 left in his account.
He accumulated billions and gave it away!

I'm hopeful that my mission will give me this chance as well

I'm a Warrior

My Events

7 Dimensions of Invisible Leadership

About Me

I'm a Medium through which this Universe expresses.

I live in the beautiful city of Sydney in Australia.

Sachin Sharma 

In my spare time, I like to travel, meditate and learn more about human behavior. I'm currently training to become a single-engine light airplane pilot.

I work as an Incubator, Accelerator and Investor through the following channels:

 Founder | International Coach & Facilitator, Wuji International
 Key Services include Organisational Culture Development Program called Invisible Leadership.
For details, please visit

 Managing Director | Head of Business Coaching, Success Wealth Happiness Coaching
 Key Services include Employee Empowerment, Private Business Coaching, Business Inception Camp and A Residual Income Generation Source called CVS Exchange.
For details, please visit

 Founding President, International Federation of Indian Subcontinent Entrepreneurs
 Key Services include International Business and Trade Development, Corporate Level Services for SMEs, Investment and Finance.
For details, please visit

 Co-Founder | Chief Mentor | Chief Strategist, My Global Business
 Key Services include Creating Investable Business, Business Inception Camp, New Business Opportunities and A Residual Income Generation Source called CVS Exchange.
For details, please visit

 Founder | Chief Editor, Entrepreneurial Bug
 Key Services include Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Building on various business aspects.
For details, please visit

 Author of 2 books
 Confessions of an IT Consultant. More details about this book are here
 BE. DO. HAVE. The Complete Guide to Create a Viable and Sustainable Business from Scratch. More details about this book are here

 Founder, ManTribe Project
 A Social Initiative for Men. The intention of this project is to Acknowledge and Address the double standards in the society in gender equality. Alarming number of men are suffering from depression and domestic violence.
For details, please visit

Investment Opportunities Investment Opportunities

Would you like to discuss your current situation to see if I can help?

Simply pick a date and time from my online calendar that suits you by clicking "Book an Appointment" button. I will get in touch with you.

Book an Appointment

My Books

Launching of BE. DO. HAVE.

By Hon. Michelle Rowland, Shadow Minister for Small Business

Book Launch

Book Launch

BE. DO. HAVE. Business is NOT made by
* Good product or app OR
* Good knowledge and expertise about the domain OR
* Good delivery of Products/Services OR
* Good results

You need ALL THAT + the most important variable = CUSTOMER

A Successful Business is made by MASTERING Customer Acquisition + Customer Retention.

Most Start-ups, Micro, Small and Medium Business Owners, focus heavily on Lead Generation. However, statistics shows that on an average only 4% of those leads convert into paying customers. Not just that, they further struggle to retain those acquired customers.

This pushes the Cost of Customer Acquisition!!

This book primarily focus on the factors that help you to identify
* Why your leads are not converting into paying customers?
* Why you struggle to position yourself even when you have a great product, excellent delivery and marvelous results?

It will further give you the tools and techniques
* To connect with the leads in such a way that they will see you as a Problem Solver instead of a Solution Provider
* To understand the psychology of your potential customer
* To understand what they need from you to make their Buying Decision
* To keep coming back to you for more...

In a nutshell, my objective is to improve your Conversion Rate from 4% to 10% or 15% or 25% or 40% or even 80%!!!

This is entirely possible and I have plenty of example of those who report 33% or 50% Conversion Rate after applying the practical techniques discussed in the book.

In my own businesses, for some products, I'm achieving 80%+ conversion rate...

There is no point in putting more money in advertising or seeking investor if your Conversion Rate is poor.
4% Conversion Rate is like having a bucket with 96 holes in it.
You are trying to use this bucket to fill a tank and getting frustrated that it is taking very long to achieve your business goals.
You think if I have more buckets then I can fill the tank faster, so you do more Lead Generation and seek funding.

Instead, if you first spend some time to plug those holes and reduce the wastage, then more Lead Generation AND more funding is lot better.

If you agree with this approach, then this book is for you.

Only Rs 400 Only $11.99

Confessions of an IT Consultant Although, the title of this book includes "IT Industry", the content of this book is suitable to any Consulting-based business.

If we by-pass all the complexities of a business and go straight to the heart of the business, then these 2 core beliefs may be true for any consulting firm – small, medium or large –
1. The reputation the firm depends upon the quality of their consultants.
2. In the list of their high-level goals, the following three exist in some shape or form:
a. Establish a position of Trusted Adviser with their Clients
b. Establish a position of Preferred Employer with their Staff
c. Establish a Healthy Sales Pipeline for Sustainability and Growth

Would you agree with me if I said this – If each and every consultant in your company not only understands this but also knows what part they play in it, then it would make it more efficient to achieve your business vision and objectives?

I’ve made one simple conclusion utilising my 17+ years of experience as a consultant – that consulting is not just a profession, it is an industry. What I mean by that is like any other industry such as Insurance, Health or Mining, Consulting has its own rules of engagement. Although these rules are undocumented but experienced consultants know them. They have learned them by experience and immersion.

Through this book I’m taking an initiative to document these rules and get the dialog started. I believe that it is inefficient that the new consultants learn these rules the hard way. I believe that there is no need for them to make the same mistakes that the consultants before them have already made. There is enough knowledge and experience available now to formulate some best practices in this area.

Through this book I want to answer 3 important questions –
1. What are the rules of engagement in the Consulting Industry?
2. Why is it important that a consultant is aware of them? In other words, what’s the cost of breaking these rules?
3. How can a skilled professional transform into an awesome consultant who will bring value to its company and clients?

Because when these 3 questions have been answered for a consultant then they know exactly what their responsibilities are and this awareness directly improves the results achieved by the consulting firm as a whole. The ripple effects go straight to the heart of the business and enable them to fulfill their core beliefs.

Here is the high-level Table of Content

* Introduction to the World of Consulting
* The Expectation Triangle
* The Bench
* The Utilization
* The Art of Time Sheeting
* The Trusted Advisor Myth
* The Illusion of Cloned Consultant
* The White Shirt Syndrome
* The Real Job of a Consultant
* The Soft Skills Training Trap

Only Rs 100 Only $4.99

Social Contribution

Living in a Multicultural Society

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